Hello, I'm Owen Bush.

Lead Developer

A highly experienced PHP developer and infrastructure architect.

Drupal 8

Several years of experience with Drupal 8 custom module development

Architected, developed, and contributed an events management module called Recurring Events

Drupal 7

Over 6 years of Drupal 7 experience building enterprise level applications with comprehensive custom functionality.

Back End Development

Over 10 years experience of PHP 4, 5 and 7, and MySQL relational database development

Version Control

Over 4 years of git experience including development of git processes for security patches and code review workflows.

Great, but who am I?

I'm a British American - I therefore have the privilege of being a dual-citizen with 2 passports. I enjoy programming and love making music. I've released a number albums which you can hear at ojb-music.com and have more "elevator music" on the way. My main passions outside of staring at lines of code or bars of music are watching ice hockey and rugby union. In my spare time you can probably find me watching something on Netflix, streaming music on Spotify, playing squash, pressing piano keys until it sounds like music, trying to convince everyone ice hockey is the greatest sport in the world or trying endlessly to find the best cocktail bar for a caipirinha. I also love buffalo wings.

Want to get in contact?

Why not drop me an email to [email protected]? If I like the cut of your jib I might even respond.

Alternatively you can find me on LinkedIn

I have a Github account - although there is not much to look at, yet.

This is my face

Chiseled Good Looks

This is my location

Colorado, USA